Universal table charger
table charger with usb ports
Universal Table-Loader
Universal Table-Loader

Universal Table-Loader

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The univerele table Charger is a charging station for telephones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Thanks to its 6 USB ports and 2 universal connectors, the charger of each device can be charged simultaneously, regardless of the type of plug you use (European, American, etc.).). It is designed so that the user does not need to use special adapters.

This table loader is ideal for seating on tables because of its compact design and high load capacity. It is also a smart charger because it recognizes the type of connected device and provides protection against downloads and overloads.

The product is especially suitable for, fairs, work rooms, hotel rooms, apartments, receptions and waiting rooms .



  • Restaurants
  • Gyms 
  • Shopping area
  • Schools
  • Holdings
  • Restaurants


1. Suitable for smartphone, tablet, laptop and other electronic devices

2. High power 1250 W: capacity up to 8 devices at a time

3. Does not require a sepcial shape adapter. Including universal plug

4. Ideal for tables or shelves in hotel rooms, apartments, receptions and waiting rooms

5. Intelligent charger, recognizes the type of connected device and protects from downloads and overload through our Technology AcT (Agile Charging Technology))

6. Including plug 

7. Simple installation ' Plug & amp; Charge"


Reference  Y02080000
Dimensions 60 height x 150 Width x depth (mm)
Power 1250W
Entrance 100-240V 5A 50-60 Hz
Output USB exits: DC 5V 2.4 A fast charging * 3 + DC 5V 1.0 a * 3 (total 51W)
Plugs: output * 2 (total 1250W Max)
Weight 0,438 kg
Material Flame-retardant polymer
Color Black
Certificates ico-ce    ico-rohs
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