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Shopping cart Charger
Shopping cart Charger

Shopping cart Charger

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The Charger Shopping Cart is the ideal charger for supermarkets, distribution and self-service stores. This charger is integrated into the shopping carts and allows its customers to charge their mobile phones while they shop.

The package includes: 10 ChargeTrolley charger units + 1 charging hub for the 10 pcs + 10 charging cables.

ChargeTrolley has an anti-theft system for the protection of mobile phones: it gives a beep every time the mobile device is connected or disconnected while charging. In addition, it has confirmed the system with anti-theft screws so that it cannot be removed. 

- 8 hours of charging is sufficient for 24 hours of use.
- via a special charging technique, it does not have to be taken from a shopping cart.

Advantages of installing ChargeTrolley in my company:
- customers will recommend your establishment.
- Customers renew their store time, bringing them more.
- Increase in turnover: increase in the shopping cart and the average ticket. Customers buy 12.5% more with this product.


  • Restaurants
  • Gyms 
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Companies
  • Restaurants


1.Suitable with all mobile phones on the market.

2 Installation in 3 minutes: fast, easy and economical.

3 Easy to charge wirelessly.

4 Includes charging cables for user.

5 Indicator light indicates the status of the battery.

6 No additional staff is required to offer the service or for the maintenance of the equipment.

Reference  Y19030000 (Y1903000)
Dimensions 90 height x 190 width x 120 depth (mm)
Charging system charging cables for all mobile phones
Entry 5V - 2.1A
Output 5V - 2.1A fast charging
Weight 1 kg
Material Material Plastic non-slip tray, metal protective housing 
Color Green, Red, Blue, Black
Certificates ico-ce   ico-rohs  
Advertising space Possible